Discover Your Next Favorite Author with This Awesome Tool


Now, here’s a website that will have us procrastinating for hours on end. At the Literature-Map, which we read about over at the Vintage & Anchor Tumblr, you enter the name of any writer and are rewarded with a swirling bunch of names that settles into a map — not of influences, but of what other people who like that same author also like. The closer two writers are to each other on the map, the more likely it is that the same reader will love them both, and you may click from writer to writer, building a map from each one and exploring the matrix of literary taste. We must say, it’s the perfect tool for the holidays — if you’re wondering just what you should get your niece who only likes Nietzsche or your brother who only likes Gertrude Stein, just plug them in and you’ll be sure to pick a winner. But it also has the added bonus of filling up your to-read list faster than an amble through a cozy bookstore. Which reminds us, man, do we have a lot of reading to do.