Trailer: Will J.J. Abrams’ ‘Alcatraz’ Be a Weak Imitation of ‘Lost’?


Are you totally overwhelmed by the number of projects J.J. Abrams has going? Earlier this year, he channeled ’80s Steve Spielberg with Super 8. And there’s the new Mission: Impossible, which comes out later this month, and the recently announced Star Trek sequel. On TV, he’s got Person of Interest, which is doing well in its first season. And now, we’ve got a teaser for Alcatraz, the sci-fi/adventure/cop drama that will premiere on Fox in January. As Vulture points out, the preview’s 30 seconds are packed with trailer clichés. Most of all, we’re worried that Alcatraz is going to be a watered-down version of Lost — with an island, a mysterious, action-catalyzing disaster, hints of time travel wonkiness, a spooky soundtrack, and even a familiar close-up of a worried Jorge Garcia (who will apparently play a geek on this show, too). It’s obviously too soon to render an opinion, and any Abrams production merits a chance, but we are starting to wonder whether the über-producer needs to slow down a bit. Watch the teaser and decide for yourself after the jump.