A Self-Guided Tour of New York’s ‘Bored to Death’ Season 3 Locations


We’re so crazy about HBO’s Bored to Death that we’ve spent the entire season meticulously footnoting every episode. But we wanted to do something a little bit different in celebration of last night’s climactic finale, to give those who already miss Jonathan, George, and Ray an opportunity to relive Season 3’s highlights. With that lofty goal in mind, we’ve compiled a self-guided tour of Bored to Death’s most recognizable locations, from the Coney Island Wonder Wheel to the Grand Central Oyster Bar. After the jump, follow around as we take you neighborhood by neighborhood to the places where the characters worked, played, and ate in Season 3. Here’s hoping it helps tide you over until next year.


Image credit: Pardon Me for Asking

Carroll Gardens: This season’s premiere finds Jonathan giving a reading — and getting knives thrown at him — at beloved bookstore BookCourt, at 163 Court Street. If you visit one location from the show, let that be the one. Episode 5 opens with George and Ray playing bocce at Carroll Park, which is at Carroll Street between Smith and Court.

Fort Greene: Jonathan has moved into the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, at 1 Hanson Place. We can’t help wondering if someone actually does live behind the clock.

Williamsburg: After Leah kicks him out of the apartment in Episode 4, Ray drowns his sorrows at Bamonte’s — one of New York’s oldest restaurants — and meets his “elder lover,” Belinda. The Italian joint is located at 32 Withers Street.

Prospect Park: In Episode 2, Jonathan, Ray, and George confront Sid at the Prospect Park carousel. A bloody scene ensues, and all of George’s stoned, paranoid fears of being followed turn out to be true. To ride the carousel, enter the park at Ocean and Flatbush Avenues and Empire Boulevard.

Prospect Heights: Episode 3 kicks off with Ray and Jonathan playing with Spencer at the Brooklyn Public Library, at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway.

Park Slope: Ray gives a reading at the wonderful Bergen Street Comics, at 470 Bergen Street, in the season finale, and is greeted by a crowd of superfans dressed as Super Ray, complete with giant fake penises. Little do they know they’ll be forced to spring into action to save Jonathan.

Coney Island: Jonathan and his (ugh) half-sister Rose spent much of Episode 7 on Brooklyn’s southern shore. They smooch (shudder!) on the Wonder Wheel and visit the fictional Susquehanna Hat Company, which was constructed at the corner of Surf Ave. and Jones Walk. Later, Jonathan meets up with his real dad (barf!) at the New York Aquarium, at 602 Surf Ave. In the season finale, Jonathan goes on a rescue mission to MCU Park, home to the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team.

Brownsville: So, you really want to visit that not-so-great C-Town supermarket where Jonathan and Ray find Louis shopping for Richard’s “locally sourced” restaurant in Episode 5? It’s at 2869 Fulton Street, aka Way Out in Brownsville.


Greenwich Village: A clue in Episode 2 reveals that George lives on 5th Avenue between W. 8th and W. 9th Streets.

Midtown: The Bored to Death gang aren’t really midtown types, but that’s where all the fancy hotels are, and apparently fancy hotels are the site of mucho detective drama. In Episode 6, Mr. Stephenson — Jonathan’s college girlfriend’s dad — steals his family’s priceless necklace and hightails it back to his suite in the Waldorf=Astoria, at 310 Park Ave. And in the season premiere, he tracks a woman to the Iroquois Hotel, at 49 W. 44th Street. Also in that episode, Jonathan and George share an aphrodisiac meal at the Grand Central Oyster Bar.


Rikers Island: Bored to Death completists won’t want to miss their chance to visit Rikers Island, where Jonathan and Rose question a criminal who knows the sperm bank owner who has the info about their real father, in Episode 7. Here’s how to get there.