The Das Racist Conan Performance Everyone Is Talking About


Flavorpill favorites Das Racist made their TV debut last night on Conan — and what a debut it was. Those who happen to be familiar with the rappers’ “Michael Jackson” video may not be surprised to learn that they actually brought a (pretty damn convincing) King of Pop impersonator onstage to accompany their performance of the track. What’s possibly more shocking is that Das Racist slowed down their delivery of the song to an opiated, practically witch-house pace. We can only imagine what Conan viewers who have never heard of the band made of a stage full of weirdos in letterman sweaters and mad-scientist coveralls drawling out cough-syrup vocals and shouting out Jhumpa Lahiri while a guy who makes his living pretending to be Michael Jackson moonwalks across the stage. Enjoy the thoroughly punk-rock spectacle after the jump.