Some ‘Project Runway All-Stars’ Observations, Based on This Trailer


Entertainment Weekly has posted the first (frustratingly un-embeddable) trailer for Project Runway All-Stars, which debuts January 5th and will feature all of the most interesting (and some of the most talented) designers who didn’t win their season, along with an entirely new host and panel of judges. Although frustrating finale decisions have tempted us to cut the Runway cord in the past, and our spirit animal Tim Gunn won’t be appearing, there’s no chance we’ll miss All-Stars — mainly because it features the return of our favorite contestant of all time, Austin Scarlett. After the jump, we have some observations and predictions about the season, based on the first glimpse.

1. Austin Scarlett has a mustache. Huh. It’s very Clark Gable, but we’ve always preferred him as Vivien Leigh.

2. “Hopefully that dodgeball will hit her in the face,” says Mondo Guerra. Looks like America’s Sweetheart isn’t so sweet anymore. We wouldn’t blame him for turning sour after he got robbed in Season 8.

3. Seriously, is there anything as adorable as watching Austin (even with the mustache) hug Mondo? No, there is not.

4. As far as we can tell, All-Stars host Angela Lindvall is no Heidi Klum. “Welcome to Central Park,” she intones, with all the enthusiasm of, well, a jaded model-actress who most viewers will have to Google to identify.

5. Is it bad that we’re more excited for Miss Piggy than for any of the season’s other guest stars? Sorry, Pharrell.

6. Anthony Williams! Welcome back! How we’ve missed you!

7. Looks like All-Stars has snagged Isaac Mizrahi as a judge. Does that mean Bravo’s The Fashion Show is kaput? Either way, we worry he’s too nice to stand in for Michael and Nina.

8. A mustache on Austin Scarlett? Seriously?!