Jim Parsons Brings ‘Harvey’ to Broadway


Earlier this month we told you that Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons was interested in playing the role of Elwood P. Dowd — a character so eccentric that he makes Sheldon Cooper look normal — in the revival of Harvey that’s headed to Broadway this spring. The only hiccup? It couldn’t interfere with his TV shooting schedule.

Evidently, the Emmy Award-winning actor was able to make it work; the show, which marks the first Broadway revival of Harvey since 1970, will begin preview performances at Studio 54 on May 18. Scott Ellis (The Little Dog Laughed) is on board to direct, and Jessica Hecht (A View from the Bridge) and Charles Kimbrough (Murphy Brown) will round out the cast as Dowd’s meddling sister and the head of the sanitarium, respectively. Given that Jimmy Stewart has basically owned that whole-guy-who-sees-a-giant-invisible-white-rabbit schtick since starring in the 1950 film adaptation of the comedy, do you think that Parsons will be able to take this part and make it his own? We’ve actually got pretty high hopes for this one. [via ArtsBeat]