United Nations Names the World’s Dying Cultural Traditions


UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) — which promotes international peace and education by promoting collaboration among nations — has released their new list of the world’s endangered intangible cultural traditions. Chinese shadow puppetry, Mexican mariachi music, poetic duelling in Cyprus (like a form of freestyling), French-style horseback riding, the fado songs of Portugal, and Jultagi tightrope walking from Korea are a few of the oral traditions, art forms, and rituals in danger of becoming lost. The living practices encourage community participation and cultural unity — something that would be a serious detriment to smaller groups of people if these were to vanish. Learn about Turkish ceremonial cuisine, Japanese ritual rice transplanting, and read up on your Colombian jaguars now before they’re gone forever. Hopefully that won’t be happening any time soon. [via Guardian]