Video of the Day: The Opening of ‘Community,’ ‘Parks and Rec’-Style


In our house, we dance to the TV theme songs. (Don’t judge; you’ve done it too.) And not just the easy ones, like that incredibly catchy Community theme, or the rollicking little instrumental that starts Up All Night. Nope, we even get our march on to the theme from Parks and Recreation. It’s not even that the songs are all that good — we’re just so happy to be watching these shows that a little groove (even a seated one, which is my specialty) is a nice way to show our appreciation.

Of course, the past couple of weeks have put a bit of a damper on our joyous Community boogie, since that fan-loved but ratings-challenged show is going into the kind of mid-season hiatus that dedicated fans like us tend to automatically read as a death sentence. The main reason for the schedule shuffle is to make room for 30 Rock, returning after Tina Fey’s maternity leave, so we can’t exactly get pissed at them (that’s a danceable theme, too!). It’s just a sad sign that NBC may very well have decided that the show’s audience is pretty much set, and may not be attracting any new viewers anytime soon. This is the danger of creating a smart, savvy, fast sitcom in the age of Two and Half Men.

However much it may hurt to do without Community (and make no mistake, it will hurt), there is the small consolation that the equally beloved, equally low-rated Parks and Rec is still on the schedule, so crackerjack ensemble comedy has not been entirely wiped from NBC Thursdays. We’d like to think that this spirit of solidarity and support for honest-to-God sitcom wit led to the creation of this adorable video by YouTuber “jamesmontalbano,” which combines the two shows by creating an opening credits sequence for Community that employs the peppy theme from Parks & Rec, along with its distinctive moving-blocks graphic style. Check it out after the jump.

[via BuzzFeed]