20 Pop Culture-Inspired Gingerbread Creations


Ever since “Hansel and Gretel” came on the scene two centuries ago, gingerbread houses have been a staple of the season — whether or not the Brothers Grimm are directly responsible, or just fueled the trend with their cautionary fairy tale, is still up for debate. But regardless of their origin, these cookie cottages have come a long way since they first appeared. Before you set the oven to 350 degrees this year, you might want to consider giving your classic construction with a more modern update. Check out some of our favorite pop culture homages in gingerbread, which range from an ode to surprisingly adorable miniature version of CBGB to a delicious looking take on Doctor Who’s TARDIS, after the jump.

Hogwarts from Harry Potter [via]

Up [via]

Star Wars AT-AT [via]

A Christmas Story [via]

The Hobbit [via]

It’s A Wonderful Life [via]

The Muppet Christmas Carol [via]

Angry Birds [via]

A Charlie Brown Christmas [via]

The Nightmare Before Christmas [via]

Dr. Seuss [via]

CBGB [via]

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre [via]

Dr. Who [via]

Lady and the Tramp [via]

Super Mario [via]

The Beatles’ “Octopus’s Garden” [via]

Superman [via]

Mad Men [via]

Hansel and Gretel [via]