Altered Zones Shuts Down, Editors Launch New Blog


It seems an era of vibes is coming to an end. Altered Zones, the Pitchfork-spinoff blog aggregator that launched only last year, has just announced that it will cease publication. The reasons for the shutdown are unclear, but we can only speculate that the audience for the obscure and sometimes difficult music the site traded in was limited. The host of blogs that the site drew from, including 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Gorilla vs. Bear, and Yours Truly will continue to publish independently.

Looking towards the future of DIY sounds, the co-editors of Altered Zones, Ric Leichtung and Emilie Friedlander (who is also a member of one of our new favorite bands, La Big Vic) have announced the inception of a new project, Ad Hoc. At the moment, the page gives few details, but the earthy aesthetics imply a departure from some of the spaced-out vibes that AZ was known for. The only description currently available states that the site will be a “100% independent, daily music and visual culture publication,” featuring content from “some of our favorite music bloggers, and active imaginations from all across our global grassroots community.” We’re excited to see what this new direction will mean for the endlessly entertaining Internet music alt-osphere, but while we’re waiting, you should really check out one of the last posts on Altered Zones, an in-depth interview with Brooklyn electronic duo Prince Rama, which is as fascinating as it is incomprehensible.