A Collection of Pop-Culture Tributes to Ziggy Stardust


David Bowie’s androgynous early-’70s alien character, Ziggy Stardust, is not only one rock’s most memorable characters; he’s also one of its most distinctive fashion icons, sporting skintight jumpsuits, pounds of glitter makeup, and a bright-red hairdo that gives mullets a good name. Although he’s nearing his 40th birthday, Ziggy’s iconic style continues to influence musicians, fashion designers, artists, and fans, as pop-culture homages to the bisexual space invader abound. Models have been the subjects of Ziggy Stardust-themed fashion shoots, actors have portrayed (and parodied) the role onscreen, and celebrities of all kinds have taken it upon themselves to revive the lightning-bolt look for fun and profit. See some of the best and funniest Ziggy Stardust tributes after the jump.

Kate Moss graced the cover of British Vogue nearly in 2003 with a Bowie-inspired look, and has returned to its Parisian sister magazine with a shocking orange mop for January 2012. [via]

Ricky Gervais pulled out his Ziggy Stardust costume in 1998 for the comedy show Golden Years. [via]

Jane Lynch recently did her best Bowie impression for Glee. [via]

Dakota Fanning sported Ziggy-inspired makeup as Cherie Currie in The Runaways. [via]

Billy Idol recreated Bowie’s iconic Aladdin Sane album cover. [via]

For Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Drew Barrymore transformed into a lady version of Ziggy. [via]

Muse drummer Dominic Howard dressed as Ziggy for Halloween this year. [via]

Who could forget the Season 3 episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that found the group forming bands, with Dennis channeling Bowie in not one, but two cringe-worthy jumpsuit ensembles? [via]

Parks and Recreation‘s Aziz Ansari paid homage to Bowie on the cover of Under The Radar. We’d like to imagine he’s in the middle of saying, “Treat yo self!�� [via]

A LEGO tribute to the influential musician’s Aladdin Sane cover art. [via]

Flight of the Conchords‘ Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie dedicated an entire episode to David Bowie, in which Ziggy Stardust and other Bowie characters appear in Bret’s dreams. [via]

Alongside Ewan McGregor as an thinly veiled Iggy Pop, Jonathan Rhys Meyers channels David Bowie in Velvet Goldmine. [via]

Artist Mari Kasurinen honored Bowie in My Little Pony form for her My Little Pop Icons series. [via]

Model Tamara McDonald channeled Ziggy Stardust among some anachronistic disco balls for an editorial in the September 2011 issue of Flare Magazine. [via]