Gallery 1988 Plays with Pop Culture ‘Ghosts’ in Latest Exhibit


Gallery 1988’s Ghost show ends in just a few days, but don’t pout if you can’t make it to sunny California before the exhibition closes on December 3 — we have a solution. Past the break are several of the clever works in the show that mashup everything from Pac-Man, ouija boards, and the iconic (ridiculous) scene from 1990’s Ghost, to The Sixth Sense and more. Click on to find out how Olly Moss, Scott Campbell, Rexbox, and Jon Klassen look at pop culture’s ghostly specters. Let us know which ones haunt you below.

Olly Moss, Pac-Man Ouija

Olly Moss, Swiss Ouija

Olly Moss, My First Ouija

Scott Campbell, Clay On Wheel, Series 3

Scott Campbell, Forever Chasing

Scott Campbell, Slammin With Willis

Rex Crowle AKA Rexbox, Abes Odyssey

Rex Crowle AKA Rexbox, Reign It In

Jon Klassen, Table Ghost

Jon Klassen, House Ghost

Jon Klassen, Boulder Ghost