TV Ownership Declines for the First Time Since 1970


Tech and entertainment pundits have been saying for a while that Americans will gradually abandon our TVs in favor of Netflix, Hulu, and the ever-growing number of broadcasters who post their programming online. Now, for the first time, Nielsen Media Research has the statistics to confirm the trend. The company’s annual Television Audience report, which was released this week, reveals that the number of US households with TVs has declined for the first time since Nielsen began administering the survey in 1970. And the decline, from 115.9 million homes to 114.7 million is relatively steep — roughly one percent. Most tellingly, TV ownership among adults 18-49 — i.e., the demographic most likely to be trading cable for streaming services — is down 2.7 percent. Let us know whether you’re among the three percent of American households that are entirely TV-free, or if you’re considering cutting the cord, in the comments. [via EW]