Six Movie Remakes that Make Us Want to Cry


This afternoon we happened to come across this list from Den of Geek about movie remakes/reboots that are supposedly in the works. Some were interesting (Masters Of The Universe), some were blah (Girls Just Want To Have Fun), but then there were the rare few that made us mumble “what?” After the jump let’s explore those, shall we?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The idea is to use our increasingly amazing make-up technology to do a better version of the old live-action movies. If they can pull it off, we will totally line up for it, but we also remember the Planet of the Apes reboot fiasco — good makeup, bad movie.

Tomb Raider– This one would be a reboot which means no Angelina Jolie (Megan Fox is the current favorite), but considering that the first two films weren’t exactly blockbusters, we wonder what the point is.

True Grit– A remake of this John Wayne classic is currently in the works by… the Coen Brothers? Really? They plan to have the story center more on the young girl so it would definitely be different, but would it be No Country for Old Men different or O Brother, Where Art Thou? different?

Total Recall– Yep, they’re remaking Arnold, again. There’s a writer in place and a script is supposed to be forthcoming, so this one is looking and more and more like a reality… or something like that.

Romancing the Stone– Why exactly this Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner (back when they were sexually appealing… just trust us) rom-com needs to be remade is beyond us, but there’s a script in the works, so we’ll probably find out.

Arthur– NOOOOOO! Is nothing sacred? For some ungodly reason there seems to be a plan to hack up Dudley Moore classic and give it to — wait for it — Russell Brand? We liked him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but… we feel nauseous.