Napster No More: Website Closes Permanently, Tomorrow


After reading our headline, you might be thinking: “Napster still exists?” Indeed it does, but today is the music sharing site’s last day on the Internet. Napster will close its doors permanently tomorrow, Thursday. The company will be merging with Rhapsody, the largest on-demand music site in the States. Napster originally allowed its users to share their MP3 files, until they ran into massive legal troubles surrounding copyright infringement. Other websites tried to copy their business model in those early days, but were also met with similar issues. Napster was later purchased by Best Buy and turned into an online music store, but the iconic site can be credited for helping companies like iTunes grow into big business. Are you a Napster subscriber? Will you be sticking with them for the long haul under the Rhapsody banner, or have you been wooed by new services like Spotify? [via CNN]