Farewell, Photoshop: All Hail the Return of Real People


In light of a recent New York Times article which suggested that photoshopping has had its day (we can thank Kate Winslet, for being the first, years ago, to publicly condemn her own photoshopped form in GQ), we thought it an appropriate time to bring you our favorite outrageous Photoshop mistakes. If this really is a return to a more wholesome era where we’ll accept our celebrities as well as their blemishes, it’s the perfect moment to celebrate the bad and the really, really bad that Photoshop has given us.

Oh, Rhianna — you are a very pretty lady, but with a waist that small you wouldn’t be able to stand up under your umb-er-ella. What’s worse, we can see the obvious brush of Photoshop at work in this image.

Oh J-Hew — who knew that so many years on Party of Five would destroy not only your chances of a serious acting career, but also deform your left foot to boot?

Without a doubt the worst we’ve seen, this botched job of Oprah’s head on actress Ann-Margaret’s body. Given Oprah’s well-publicized body issues, we imagine that this image only added fuel to the dysmorphia fire.

Got any of your own? Were you, too, shocked to discover a strangely well-endowed Jessica Simpson, or Carla Bruni with a third leg? If this really is the end of Photoshop, we need to preserve these virtual deformities, if only so our children aren’t convinced that we’re making it all up.