Quote of the Day: James Murphy at the MTV Movie Awards


“i was very hungover today, mainly because i drank a lot of drinks with alcohol in them yesterday. i accompanied my tv star friend to the mtv movie awards because it seemed like the most hilariously hollywood thing i could possibly do right then, and wound up at times pretending to be either his publicist or body guard, which was very funny. i also ate a lot of these skewers with a shrimp and a green olive on them. they were good, but not substantial enough really to soak up the shitty free beer that they have at these things.”

– James Murphy on his MySpace blog. He goes on to chronicle what he learned at the MTV Movie Awards, namely that Will Ferrell is nice, Danny McBride is hilarious, and Chris Isaacs really likes his dog. PS: We had no idea Murphy was so tight with Aziz Ansari.