What’s On at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we found it funny that scientists are tracking penguin poop from space, but even funnier that a woman is suing Sacha Baron Cohen for some stunt he pulled as Bruno in a bingo parlor. We studied the ergonomics of notebooks. We fell in love with this new Tumblr: Seriously, that’s your Twitter pic? We vowed never to use a public restroom in Switzerland. We wanted to vomit all over Francis Ford Coppola for being such a big fat loser — but then he’d make his poor wife clean it up, so what’s the point in that? We adjusted our old SAT scores so that we could compare them with our interns’. We couldn’t believe that New Line owes the Tolkien Trust $220m worth of Lord of the Rings profits. And finally, we’ll bring it back to penguins with the news that a gay penguin couple in Germany has adopted a penguin baby. Mazel tov!