Zander Olsen’s Mesmerizing, Wrapped-Tree Illusions


Zander Olsen’s Tree, Line project is almost preposterously simple. He wraps segments of tree trunks in white linen so that, when photographed from a particular distance, this negative space echoes the horizon line or the curve of the mountaintops in the background. The result, however, is mesmerizing, lending a distinctly pleasing visual harmony to the natural world. See some of our favorite photographs from the series, shot in rural Britain, after the jump, and visit Olsen’s website for more.

Zander Olsen, Cadair, Oak, 2010

Zander Olsen, Beeches, 2004

Zander Olsen, Untitled (Cader), 2010

Zander Olsen, Jhutti, 2004

Zander Olsen, Duncan Wood, 2004