MC Hammer’s Back: A Mix Tape and a Reality Show


His rhymes were addictive, his beats were catchy, and his dance moves were the envy of every bar mitzvah attendee. He was MC Hammer, and from his parachute pants to his “mind to rhyme and two fresh feet” one thing was certain: you couldn’t touch him. If you suddenly find yourself feeling nostalgic, don’t fear: Mixtape king Mick Boogie (ThePressPlayShow) presents Hammertime, a reported “ride through the past, present, and future, using the original samples to intro some of Hammers biggest hits,” as well as remixes by nVme and Good Life Mike featuring some of the best new faces in the game (6th Sense, Mistah FAB).

But wait, there’s more! He also has a new reality show, Hammertime (evidently the only name that projects associated with him get), debuting on A&E later this month. This description from the show’s website sums it up best: “Having a family and re-launching the Hammer empire is not an easy task, but with wisdom, faith and a relentless tenacity to strive through any adversity, this family is stronger than ever.”

Suddenly it’s feeling very 1990 up in here. And we like it.

Download the mixtape here.