The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. Angelina Jolie tops Oprah on the Forbes Celebrity 100 power list. [via Forbes] 2. Now that they’ve got you hooked, Hulu wants to start charging you for all of those Arrested Development episodes you’ve been watching. We bet Rupert Murdoch is behind this. [via Gawker] 3. Attention Bjork fans: “In conjunction with the release of the Voltaic box set, a series of screenings of the tour film Voltaic: The Volta Tour have been scheduled for movie theaters throughout the U.S. in June and July. ” [via Pitchfork] 4. Twitter is not for sale. At least not yet. [via NYP] 5. Eminem is planning to milk that MTV Bruno gag for as long as humanly possible. [via TDB]