Finally, Some Good News for ‘Community’ Fans


Earlier this week, our own Jason Bailey pointed out that NBC’s decision to bench Community from its mid-season schedule was likely a sign that network had decided that the show’s audience was pretty much set at this point. That’s why we’re happy that Deadline is reporting that thanks to a new deal between Sony and Hulu Plus, all three seasons of Community will now be available through the site’s premium streaming service. Sounds promising, right? Hopefully this move will help attract the new viewers that the show needs in order to survive, or at least provide NBC with enough financial incentive to keep it going for a few more seasons. If nothing else, it might provide fans with some much-needed consolation once the series goes on an indefinite hiatus later this month. Also worth noting: Last night’s episode of Community did a tiny bit better than Parks and Rec in the ratings. Not that we want to see it happening at the expense of our friends in Pawnee, but maybe the tide is finally turning for the good ol’ GCC gang.