Video of the Day: See Inside Chloë Sevigny's Closet


To promote her new resort collection for Opening Ceremony, Chloë Sevigny has allowed the retailer into her extensive closet for a giggly look-see, a short that is only the first in a series of films exploring her East Village garden apartment. Sevigny, who describes herself as a “hoarder-type,” is cute and self-effacing in this video, which we like her for. We also like her shoes. Though we’re not interested overmuch in the obvious plugs for purchasable clothing, there’s still a lot of fun to be had here — click through to watch the actress dig through her closet and pull out a host of random stuff, including the original bunny ears (which she built herself) from Gummo, till all beaten up from the rain, a collection of sketches for her award show dresses by Alber Elbaz, old photographs, S&M dog collars, and at least one deeply horrible pink jacket.

[via Opening Ceremony]