Fading and Beautiful Ghost Signs in New York City


However unceasing our culture’s push towards modernity, there are, thankfully, some things that stick with us. In Fading Ads of New York City , recently published by the History Press, Frank H. Jump collects photographs of the fading ghost signs of New York, a project that he began after learning he was H.I.V. positive at age 26. Jump wrote, “The sense of urgency I felt every day drove me to document New York’s fading advertisements, and capture the marks left by artists and artisans, most long since dead, who spent their lives painting huge commercial murals over the last 150 years.” There are thousands of these fading signs all over the country, especially in New York. Some are beautiful in design, some are funny, some are almost gone. Click through to see a few of our favorite finds, from Jump’s book and beyond.

“McLean Bowl-O-Drome,” on Nereid Avenue in the Bronx. [via]

“Endicott Overseas Shipping,” 555 West 33rd Street. [via]

“Baar and Beards, Ladies Scarves and Accessories,” 15 West 37th Street. [via]

“R. H. Macy’s Uptown Stables,” West 148th Street. [via]

“Society Smoke Cigar/Steam, Heat, Housekeeping, Hot & Cold Water”, NYC. [via]

“The Good Guys Warehouse,” Brook Ave, the Bronx. [via]

“Fireproof Warehouse,” NYC. [via]

“Mr. Clark’s Suits,” 117 West 42nd Street. [via]

“C.0. Bigelow,” 6th Ave, Greenwich Village. [via]

“Seely Shoulder Shapes,” West 40th Street. [via]

“Brush Up Business With Paint, Paste, Paper & Push,” West Broadway & Reade. [via]

“Forty-second Street/The World’s Greatest Movie Center/Bickford’s,” 229 West 42nd Street. [via]

“Style Undies,” West 36th St near 6th Avenue. [via]

“Suzy Perette’s Dresses,” West 37th Street. [via]

“Hotel Irvin,” West 30th St. [via]

“Syrup of Figs,” Greenpoint Avenue, near Franklin Street, Brooklyn. [via]

“Majestic Hotel,” Fulton and Elm, Brooklyn. [via]

“Peters Tours Inc.,” 600 8th Avenue. [via]

Jewish Shoe Factory, Hewes Street, Brooklyn. [via]

“Franklin Fireproof Warehouses/Century Moving & Storage,” 225-235 East 38th Street. [via]