Aubrey Plaza, Lizzy Caplan Learn to Be Cool in Funny or Die Video


Aubrey Plaza. Lizzy Caplan. Megan Mullally. Lake Bell. Casey Wilson. Ellie Kemper. Michaela Watkins. No, this isn’t the cast for Hollywood’s next great, Bridesmaids-style, all-lady ensemble comedy (although we sure wouldn’t mind if it were). It’s the list of comedians who star in a new, five-minute Funny or Die video called “Home for Actresses.” The clip features Mullally as the gray-haired, tea-drinking proprietor of the Peggy Dvorak Institute, where actresses learn “how to be cool, how to not gross people out with your hideous, actress-y personality.” Kemper in particular does a wonderful send-up of herself. Watch the hilarious short — where you’ll learn all about why you need to listen to Nina Simone instead of Ke$ha, date guys with drugs problems, and scorn motherhood — after the jump.

[via Aol TV]