Watch the Trailer for Season 5 of 'Jersey Shore'


Talk about striking while the iron’s still hot (or lukewarm, if we’re being honest): There’s already a new season of Jersey Shore heading to MTV, and it premieres on January 5. Judging from the newly-released trailer that we just spotted over on Vulture, the fifth season will attempt to shrug off that whole Florence trip like a bad dream, replacing the language barriers and discotheques that ruled more recent episodes with a return to form: ie, Snooki inexplicably dressed up in a bunny costume; Snooki popping a squat on the back porch; Snooki telling the camera without a hint of irony that this is the best time of her life. The only real storyline we see (other than more of Mike’s “secret crush” on Snooki) comes about midway through the clip, when Vinnie decides to leave the Seaside Heights house, and the search for a new roommate must begin. We’ve got but one hope going into this: please don’t let the whole “Hurricane Situation … heading right for Snooki Island” thing actually pan out. We’d be oddly devastated.