Is Your Favorite Cartoonist Part of Occupy Comics?


The Occupy movement has garnered plenty of support from the arts community over the past few months, with musicians ranging from Jeff Mangum to Third Eye Blind serenading protesters and petition sites like Occupy Writers and Occupy Musicians popping up. Now, cartoonists are also declaring themselves, via Occupy Comics. The project is a refreshing alternative for comics fans who weren’t thrilled with Sin City author Frank Miller’s anti-Occupy rant last month, and the list of participating artists already includes such big names as Alan Moore, David Lloyd (designer of the Occupy-appropriated Guy Fawkes mask), Molly Crabapple, Douglas Rushkoff, Charlie Adlard, and Shannon Wheeler. Occupy Comics’ aim is to compile a book-length anthology “intended to be a time capsule of the passions and emotions driving the movement” and has already raised over $21,000 on Kickstarter to fund the project. All proceeds will, of course, go to the occupiers. If you’re interested in donating, make sure you do it soon — the Kickstarter clock runs out in about two days.