Visiting the New Museum Will Now Cost You More


Experience, Carsten Höller’s current exhibition at the New Museum has been one of the fall’s most popular shows, in large part because it includes a 102-foot slide that visitors can zoom down, a sensory deprivation tank, and a mirrored carousel. As New York Magazine critic Jerry Saltz recently explained in a piece about how museums have become playgrounds, “It’s arty junk food.” Unfortunately for those of us who haven’t indulged yet, it turns out that all of that fun comes at a price — a $4 admission hike to be exact.

“Due to unprecedented attendance for the Carsten Höller exhibition and increased staffing needs, we have increased admission prices,” Gabriel Einsohn, a spokeswoman for the New Museum, told NewYorkology. “It is most likely not a permanent increase.” Given that the Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum both recently increased their admission prices to a recommended $25 donation, the current $16 rate at the New Museum is hardly the most expensive ticket in town — and if you’re willing to fight the crowds, you can always check out the Höller exhibition for free on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9pm. [via ArtsBeat]