The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Slashfilm got an early look at Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises prologue, and discovered that the finished film will have a whopping 50 minutes of IMAX shot-and-projected footage. Here’s a spoiler-free recap.

2. This could be interesting: Spike Lee has signed on to direct Eddie Murphy in a new HBO biopic about former Washington DC mayor Marion Berry — aka the man once caught smoking crack in a hotel room full of prostitutes. John Ridley (Red Tails, Da Brick) is on board to pen the script. [via THR]

3. A group of Occupy Wall Street protestors took over the set of Law & Order: SVU last night; the show was shooting an episode that was centered around a fake encampment in Foley Square. “They’ve delivered us this perfectly wrapped Christmas present with a bow on top: they rebuilt our camp,” OWS organizer Jake De Groot told Mother Jones. “How could we not go and take it?” [via TV Squad]

4. “If Columbine is reenacted or some shit, that’s gonna be on my f*cking head. Yeah, it’ll be my fault, just like it was Em’s and Marilyn’s and fucking Slipknot’s and all them motherf*ckers.” — Tyler, the Creator is talking about Columbine again.

5. Pharrell Williams and famed composer Hans Zimmer have been named the musical consultants for this year’s Academy Awards; neither of them have worked on the show in the past. [via THR]

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