Corporate Logos Get a Comic Sans Makeover


Helvetica vs. Comic Sans: a typography battle for the ages. Sure, Helvetica looks pretty — cool and minimalist and not trying too hard. The little black dress of fonts. But the long-maligned Comic Sans has recently emerged as its scrappy, punk-rock nemesis, the kid who toughens up and starts wearing spikes because he’s sick of getting teased. (Exhibit A: “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.”) Enter the Comic Sans Project, a clever new Tumblr that states its mission as follows: “We are the Comic Sans Defenders. We fear no fonts and we will make the whole world Comic Sans. Because Helvetica is sooo 2011.” To that end, the blog is posting redesigned images of universally recognizable corporate logos, their trademark fonts replaced with Comic Sans. See a few of our favorite remakes after the jump, and follow the Comic Sans Project on Tumblr for more.