10 Christmas Movie Landmarks You Can Actually Visit


‘Tis the season for rockin’ around the Christmas tree and cruisin’ around suburban neighborhoods, folks. Why? To decide which big empty house to rob, of course! Just kidding — that’s only if you’re the Wet and/or Sticky Bandits. For the rest of us, it’s to enjoy the fantastic light displays in all their tacky glory. For this year’s drive through the lights, why not add a few notorious holiday film locations to your festive route? Who knows, you might even get to meet a real-life Randy Parker! Pile into the family van, crank up the tinselly tunes, and read on for ten Christmas movie landmarks that you can actually visit. Which is your favorite?

A Christmas Story (1983), Parker house

The house from A Christmas Story is a special kind of movie house. Not only has it been restored to look exactly as it did in the 1983 film, but it’s also inhabited by everyone’s favorite little brother who sometimes can’t put his arms down. That’s right, a very grownup Randy lives here. So, next time you’re in Cleveland, stop by the Parker house to marvel at the leg lamp and hang with your very familiar tour guide.

Home Alone (1990), McCallister House

Order a pizza from Little Nero’s and check out this classic Christmas movie house in Winnetka, Illinois. You might not be able to go inside this sturdy ol’ McCallister home, but drive on past 671 Lincoln Avenue for a new reason to yell things like, “Buzz, your girlfriend! Woof!” at your friends. Oh, and tell the South Bend Shovel Slayer we say ‘sup.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), Martini house

The Martini house is one of the two remaining landmarks from It’s a Wonderful Life, located at 4587 Viro Road in La Canada Flintridge. The other is the gymnasium at Beverly Hills High School, but we’re not sure how easy it would be to Charleston your way into a modern gym class.

Elf (2003), Hobbs apartment

If you need a place to eat your daily dose of spaghetti and maple syrup, head to 55 Central Park West on the Upper West Side, otherwise known as the Hobbs’ apartment building. It’s the only place where you’ll surely find the lasting Christmas spirit of Buddy the Elf. Oh, there is no Buddy? Only Zuul? Indeed, this was also Dana’s apartment building in Ghostbusters, so Gozer’s movie spirit probably has dibs.

Christmas Vacation (1989), Griswold house

Want to check out the Griswolds’ formerly festive house this season? Head to 4000 Warner Boulevard in Burbank, California and try to hitch yourself a studio tour of good ol’ Blondie Street. The Bewitched house is nearby, as is the Lethal Weapon house. The Partridge family lived in this neighborhood, too. Quite the block party!

Miracle on 34th Street (1947), Susan’s dream home

Have you ever asked Santa Claus for a house? Susan from Miracle on 34th Street did, and it still exists. What more could you want in a holiday film landmark? Head to 24 Derby Road, Port Washington, NY to see Susan’s dream home with your own eyes.

Love Actually (2003), Selfridges

Going to London sometime soon? Stop into Selfridges on Oxford Street to fulfill your Love Actually shopping needs, but be sure not to let Rowan Atkinson gift wrap your purchase. That is, unless you love roses, lavender, cinnamon sticks, and all that good stuff that Alan Rickman hates. Classic Snape.

The Holiday (2006), Amanda’s house

To check out this gorgeous home from The Holiday, visit 1883 Orlando Road in San Marino, California. It’s where Kate Winslet falls in love with Jack Black in the film, so it’s pretty special.

Scrooged (1988), Frank’s Office

Who doesn’t love a Charles Dickens adaptation starring Bill Murray? If you’re as into Scrooged as you should be, go to 375 Park Avenue to find the New York office building where all the Christmas movie magic happened.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

Last but certainly not least is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, one of the most frequented New York spots in Christmas movie history. Isn’t this where you would go to find your lost Macaulay Culkin? Or where you’d take your blonde Zooey Deschanel? Because there’s a scene here in Elf, as well.