This is Possibly the Best/Creepiest Corporate Apology Note Ever


Ladies, the creators of o.b. Ultra tampons have something they need to say to you. They’re sorry. They’re really, really, really sorry. If you’re confused, not to worry — so were we. Apparently, o.b. brand Ultra tampons began disappearing from shelves late last year, much to the dismay of their die-hard following (did you know tampon brands could have die-hard followings?). The line’s discontinuation resulted in massive consumer outcry and reports of black market o.b. Ultras going for $100 a box on eBay. Yes, you read that right. But now, o.b. wants to apologize, and apparently a heartfelt form letter isn’t enough — they’ve found a scruffy indie rock guy to sing each and every one of you a personalized song expressing his deep sorrow and affection. Oh yes, it’s as completely cheesy as it sounds, but it’s also kind of hilarious and great, not to mention a very savvy marketing idea. Watch the apology here, and let us know what you think in the comments. [via LA Times ]