Interactive Art: Wear It!


Marc Hundley, Image courtesy Bellwether Gallery, New York

New York based Canadian artist Marc Hundley makes delicately hand stenciled posters, flyers, and t-shirts. He began making the simple pieces as gifts for friends, but they soon gained a cult-like following in the downtown arts community and were picked up by galleries such as the Lower East Side’s former Rivington Arms and Los Angeles’ Cherry and Martin gallery. The works, wrought in ink, acrylic, or enamel on paper or cloth, play on romantic and nostalgic ideas of love, music, and literature. Hundley pulls particularly evocative lines from Rainer Maria Rilke, Joni Mitchell, and Morrissey and weaves them into his own lumbering reality, often marking the pieces with the date and location of their creation.

Marc Hundley, Image courtesy Bellwether Gallery, New York

A small selection of Hundley’s work is currently on display as part of the Song For Those In Search Of What They Came With exhibition, curated by Flavorpill favorite David Benjanim Sherry, at Bellwether Gallery in New York. Whether or not you make it to the show, you can wear one of Hundley’s t-shirts. We Got Beat Up Just For Holding Hands/Take Ecstasy with Me, made in an unlimited edition, can be ordered from the gallery for only $60.

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