I Tweeted at Andy Warhol: and 9 Other People We Wish We Could Follow


Earlier today on Twitter, we asked our @flavorpill followers what person, dead or alive, they would most like to see on Twitter. The responses poured in: Jim Morrison! Albert Einstein! Kurt Vonnegut! While we loved your answers, we can’t help but offer a few of our own nominations:

TheRealAndyWarhol @RoyLichtenstein in the future everyone will have 15 retweets of fame DorothyParker @biz Twitter novice here. What fresh hell is this? GayTalese Frank Sinatra has a cold. #sinatrawatch66 Napoleon @europe all your empire are belong to us. pwnd, bitches!!!!!1 PhilSpector I think I killed somebody. kaavyacrimson08 just read the most awesome book by megan mccafferty, feeling inspired… annanicolesmith Trim Spa baybeeee willyshakespeare@Marlowe I sweate Doctor Faustus, for reale. TheRealGhengisKhan KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN jane_austen_says Bad date. Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love…

Ah, if only. What famous person do you wish were on Twitter, and what do you think they would tweet?