Watch the First Trailer for Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’


You can keep your New Girl and even (sorry, Kat Dennings) your 2 Broke Girls. We’ve been burned by both of the new, deeply flawed network sitcoms about adorably alternative 20-something women, but we have a really good feeling about Girls. The HBO comedy series, which premieres in April, was written and directed by its star, 25-year-old Tiny Furniture phenom Lena Dunham, with Judd Apatow attached as executive producer. The show will follow three young female friends living in New York and seemingly stuck in perpetual intern/assistant hell.

Since we’ve been anxious to know more about the show since HBO picked it up, over a year ago, you can imagine how excited we are to get a first glimpse of it. The teaser below features everything we’ve come to expect from Dunham: smart, self-deprecating humor, professional frustration, and frequent oversharing. Let us know whether you’ll be watching in the comments.