Charlotte Gainsbourg May Appear in Lars von Trier’s Explicit ‘Nymphomaniac’


We’ve watched songstress Charlotte Gainsbourg as an unhinged mother in Antichrist and fill with dread at the impending disaster in Melancholia. Now, the singer-actress may be appearing in her third Lars von Trier film, The Nyphomaniac. The movie is being billed as “an explicit exploration of a woman’s erotic life” that will be told in eight chapters, according to Variety.

Audiences would be privy to a softcore and hardcore version of the sexual evolution story that would follow the actress from age 0 to 50. Von Trier expects to show actual penetration, but has discussed the project being less of a porn flick and more of a philosophical construct with a lot of sex.

Keep in mind that Von Trier is no stranger to cinematic sexytime. His company Zentropa has produced several hardcore films geared toward a female audience. It also doesn’t shock us that Gainsbourg would possibly participate in a hardcore movie, given her brave, riveting performances in the Danish filmmaker’s other features. The actress may be reuniting with co-stars Stellan Skarsgård and Willem Dafoe for Nymphomaniac as they’re also in talks to participate. Shooting is expected to begin in summer or fall of 2012.

Surprised at this casting consideration for the risky picture? Or would you have been more shocked if Gainsbourg didn’t appear in the movie given her ongoing collaboration with the director?