Who Wants to Buy the ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House?


The first season of Ryan Murphy’s FX yuck fest American Horror Story isn’t even over yet, and already it’s shown us far too many things we can’t un-see, from Frankenstein babies to more varieties of creepy sex than we thought possible. So, probably the last thing we’d want to do is live in the beautiful, 10,440-square-foot brick home where the show is shot. But if you happen to have an extra $4.5 million lying around and can deal with living in the building that drove Mrs. Coach from Friday Night Lights crazy, then realtor Joe Babajian would love to sell it to you. Besides the body horror, the Alfred Rosenheim-designed home boasts six bedrooms, five bathrooms, tons of Tiffany glass, gold- and silver-leaf ceilings painted by hand, and Los Angeles historic cultural monument status. There’s even a “grand ballroom” that doubles as a recording studio. Attention Marilyn Manson: Your new castle awaits. [via Aol Real Estate]