1944 Jive Talk Glossary Defines “Hipster”


Dig what we’re puttin’ down, readers. Sometimes, you just want to find a groovy, little stash and hold back the dawn. Know what we mean? If not, you’re in dire need of the jive talk glossary below, which was included in the packaging for jazz pianist Harry “The Hipster” Gibson’s 1944 album, Boogie Woogie in Blue. “For Characters Who Don’t Dig Jive Talk” is full of both outdated phrases and terms that have stood the test of time. But perhaps the most currently relevant definition is the one Gibson provides for his namesake “hipsters”: “characters who like hot jazz.” So, there you have it. In only 67 years, we have taken a word that use to mean “jazz fans” and turned it into the apparently un-killable mess it is now.

[via Lists of Note]