Liz Lemon Has a Secret in First ’30 Rock’ Season 6 Promo


30 Rock fans, can you believe we’ve made it eight whole months without an update on Liz Lemon? Now, we’re finally in the home stretch of the hiatus, with only four weeks to go until the Season 6 premiere on January 12th. To reward us for our patience, NBC has blessed us with the new season’s first promo — and unlike many early teasers, it definitely gives us something to talk about. Apparently, “Liz Lemon’s about to drop a bombshell,” and Kelsey Grammer (who you may recall has appeared on the show as himself last season) is the only one who knows what she’s hiding. Considering that we see Liz in a frumpier-than-usual baggy sweatshirt in the trailer, we can’t help wondering if she’s pregnant. Anyone else have a guess?