Chris Pratt from ‘Parks and Rec’ May Star in ‘Kill Bin Laden’


Chris Pratt — who is currently starring as goofy slacker Andy Dwyer in NBC’s Parks and Recreation and recently appeared in this year’s Moneyball with Brad Pitt — may be working with The Hurt Locker‘s Kathryn Bigelow on her new drama about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Twitch revealed that the comedic actor is the newest name in a list that has been circulating around a leading role in the project — including Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and Idris Elba. Edgerton dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Australian actor Jason Clarke (Texas Killing Fields) is the only confirmed cast member so far.

You may remember that there was a congressional investigation launched in regards to the movie — untitled, but roughly being dubbed Kill Bin Laden — to try to determine whether the Obama administration was providing the moviemakers with classified information. That’s also probably part of the reason why the movie’s release has been pushed back, despite being in development before the Al-Qaeda leader was killed in Pakistan earlier this year. Can you see Pratt pushing forward with a dramatic career, or is he best in funnyman roles?