Spacey, Sexy Production Photos Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Barbarella’


Roger Vadim’s sci-fi camp classic Barbarella , starring a young Jane Fonda as a sexy space agent, is known for its psychedelic softcore antics. And who can forget the opening scene with Fonda stripping off her space suit in zero gravity set to a swinging title track?

Visual effects guru Gavin Rothery — who worked on one of our favorite recent films, Duncan Jones’ Moon — shared several awesome production photos from the 1968 movie. Fonda appears with Vadim in most of the shots. The director also happened to be her husband during the making of the cult movie. The images are a chance to enjoy the many kitsch costumes Fonda wore and groovy set pieces all over again. Click through for more great production stills.

[Spotted via Gavin Rothery]