Gift Ideas for the Book Lover Who’s Read Everything


Let’s face it: sometimes it’s hard to buy a book for your favorite book nerd. After all, you know you’re supposed to give them a Serious Literary Novel, but they’ve probably read every book you’ve ever heard of, and then some — or at least that’s how it feels sometimes. So for those of you with a book lover who’s read everything under the sun on your holiday list, we’ve put together a gift guide full of art, tools, and trinkets sure to please any literary nerd. Click through to see our list of gifts and help your favorite reader proclaim their love for the written word this year.

Vise Bookends, $69 from Restoration Hardware

Perfect for anyone’s collection of Frankenstein novels. Plus, they are explicitly designed to be sturdy enough for the 2-volume OED. Innovation!

T-shirts and fleeces, $28 and $42 from Out of Print

If you can suss out their favorite classic novel, you can probably find a t-shirt with the cover on it. Just make sure it’s a nice-looking cover — and not an embarrassing book.

Ideal Bookshelf: English Lit print, $50 at 20×200

Whether it’s a visual to-read or have-read shelf, you can never go wrong with the classics.

Savannah Rhino Story Bust, $68 from Anthropologie

What better to decorate your loved one’s reading room than with this rhino’s head made from repurposed French novels?

Bibliochaise, $5,821 at Timorous Beasties

For the friend who’s trying to be surrounded by books at all times. At that price, you’ll have to like them a heck of a lot, though.

Bookshelf necklace, $40 from Etsy

Dress it up or dress it down.

Bartleby the Scrivener bag, $12 from Melville House

The phrase that works for every occasion. (PS: they also have shirts now).

Nine Letter Words (Rubik’s Cube Revisited), $1,200 from Grey Area

For the deconstructionist word nerd with something to prove to the math kids.

Literary Coasters, $16 from Etsy

For the hostess who wants to serve a little enlightenment with those cocktails.

I Read a Book notepad, $8 from Anthropologie

It’s meant for kids, but we think it’s pretty appropriate for anyone who needs some space to reflect.

Secret Passageway Switch, $50 from Vespoe

The best use we’ve ever seen for all those already-read hardcovers collecting dust on the shelf.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales story poster, $34 from Postertext

Created from an assortment of Grimm tales, you can read it and look at it lovingly from across the room.

Hollow book safe & flask, $55 from Etsy

Because reading’s not all they do.

I like big books tote, $35 from Etsy

Who doesn’t, really?

Author Portraits, $30 for a set of 3 from Etsy

Everyone likes to keep pictures of their friends around, and these hand-drawn versions are quite lovely.

Artichoke Hanging Lantern, $65 from Etsy

Read by the light of a book — sort of.

People & Books: Gothic Architecture – Signed Print by Marc Johns. $20 from Marc Johns

We’ve found that a lot of literary nerds also love the winking whimsy of Marc Johns, and what better print selection than one that also proclaims their love for reference tomes?

Leaf-it Bookmarks, $19 from Designboom

For the naturalist.

Magnifying glass, $80 from MoMa

In case your friend isn’t quite willing to go for the whole pair yet, you can get trainer glasses.

Library Books Mug, $20 from Kate Spade

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and a mug of tea. And though your reader probably has a bunch of mugs already, another one is always appreciated.