Stanley Kubrick’s First Film ‘Fear and Desire’ Premieres Tonight on TCM


Hey, Stanley Kubrick fans — think you’ve seen all of the auteur’s films? Well, unless you’re one of the lucky few to have caught a screening of Fear and Desire (or tracked down a bootleg online), you haven’t. But don’t worry, because your chance to become a true completist in only hours away. Tonight at 8pm ET, Turner Classic Movies will give Kubrick’s first feature its TV premiere. The 1953 movie follows four soldiers fighting a war between two anonymous countries after their plane crashes in enemy territory.

Of course, if you do tune in, you’ll be watching against Kubrick’s wishes. As Badass Digest notes in its thoughtful take on the ethics of screening a movie that a filmmaker never wanted shown, the director called Fear and Desire a “bumbling amateur film exercise.” The reason it’s so hard to see even now is that Kubrick purchased as many copies as possible in hopes of striking it from his permanent record. So, Kubrickians, will you be DVRing it?