Vintage-Inspired Exoplanetary Travel Posters


Spotted by Coudal, this series of posters by Netherlands-based designer Vincent Vermeij has us contemplating a future vacation to Gliese 581D. Inspired by the idea that life beyond the Earth is increasingly likely, and the hope that these distant planets remain as pristine as ours was before we left our ecological footprint, Kong started mulling over the idea of exoplanetary travel. “It would be like the time that each holiday was a trip to the unknown,” he writes. “A discovery. As on these posters from the 1930s, countries and cities that you knew only of images and hearsay. The images were innocent and exotic. Pure.” And perhaps, even more importantly: “Maybe the beauty of those exoplanets make us realize that our own Earth is just as them, a floating oasis in time and space. We should treasure this paradise called Earth.” Click through to check out the collection, and if you like over to see, grab a print of your favorite poster at Society6.