Listen to Sleigh Bells’ Skull-Shaking New Single “Born to Lose”


Welcome back, Sleigh Bells! We missed you this year, when there was plenty of wonderful, life-changing music, but nothing exactly like “Rill Rill” — the kind of energizing song you want to sing along to first thing in the morning every day. Luckily, we won’t have to miss Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller anymore, because the duo will be releasing their follow-up to Treats on Valentine’s Day of next year. That’s less than two months away!

To tide us over until then, Sleigh Bells have debuted the first single from Reign of Terror, and it sets the stakes pretty damn high. Miller’s hard-hitting guitar, cellophane-y synths, background chants, and exploding percussion constitute a full-frontal eardrum assault, while Krauss’s dreamy vocals add a layer of silky pleasure. The song is called “Born to Lose” — not to be confused with the many other songs by the same name, or Lana Del Rey’s booby-baring distraction du jour, “Born to Die” — and you can hear it after the jump.

[via Spin ]