TV’s Best ’90s Teen Power Couples


Ah, to be young and in love on a ’90s television series. So much tension, so much betrayal, so many make-ups and too many break-ups. Remember that time Jordan Catalano enlisted Brian Krakow to secretly write his love letter for Angela Chase? Or when D.J. Tanner accused Steve Hale of canoodling with an ex-girlfriend at the school dance? What about when Steve Urkel transformed into Stefan Urquelle in order to win Laura’s heart? Most ’90s teenage relationships were trivial, others lasted seasons upon seasons, but we’re recalling the ones that still make us giddy — the ones that we thought, at one point or another, were meant to be. Take a trip down TV’s memory lane with some ’90s teenage power couples after the jump, and let us know in the comments whose relationship made you the most envious.

Angela & Jordan, My So-Called Life

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the king and queen of the Liberty High School boiler room — Miss Angela Chase and Mr. Jordan Catalano. Although Jordan was reluctant to be seen in public with our dear Angela, this My So-Called Life couple dazzled our ’90s TV screens with their ups and downs and awkward silences. Honorable mention: Rayanne Graff and the ever elusive lead singer of Frozen Embryos, “Tino.”

Lindsay & Nick, Freaks and Geeks

Nick Andopolis was too good for Lindsay Weir. There, we said it. Not that we didn’t love us some Lindsay — it’s just that she never really appreciated Nick in all his goofy Jason Segel glory. We did, however, love the idea of this Freaks and Geeks couple, so it stands as one of our favorites of the ’90s. Now excuse us as we go watch The Muppets and cry. Poor Nick Andopolis.

Zack & Kelly, Saved by the Bell

Zack and Kelly. Rolls off the tongue quite naturally, eh? These two had it all — beauty, wits, popularity, and a tumultuous relationship that involved way less verbal abuse than that of A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano. For that reason, we’re naming them the ultimate power couple of Bayside High. That is, unless Slater and his perfectly coiffed mullet can count as a couple?

D.J. & Steve, Full House

If you’ve ever accidentally let your two little sisters hop on a flight to New Zealand because you’re too busy making out with your brand new boyfriend, you’re probably D.J. Tanner. And your boyfriend is probably Steve Hale. And there probably isn’t much food left in your fridge, and you probably love Aladdin. Are we right or are we right?

Cory & Topanga, Boy Meets World

Overall, these two ’90s lovebirds get an A+ for longevity and functionality. Although — remember that time Cory kissed another girl on that ski trip? Lauren, was it? Played by Linda Cardellini, otherwise known as the aforementioned Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks? Poor Nick Andopolis.

Dawson & Joey, Dawson’s Creek

Sure, Joey ended up with Pacey, but let’s bring a certain blondie back into the mix. These two were definitely the epitome of a flaky ’90s teenage power couple — y’know, innocent childhood friends turned lovers turned enemies turned lovers turned friends, or whatever. Needless to say, they were wildcards.

Brenda & Dylan, Beverly Hills, 90210

Of the many, many fictional relationships that Beverly Hills, 90210 brought us, Brenda and Dylan were the most popular. When it came to teenage angst and passion, these two certainly took the cake. Which couple did you prefer? Brandon and Kelly? David and Donna? Dylan and Kelly? Brandon and Emily? Clare and Steve? Noah and Valerie? Dylan and Toni? This is exhausting.

Laura & Steve, Family Matters

Need help in a situation of unrequited love? Why not try the Steve Urkel method? Pour some “cool juice” and/or “boss sauce” into your DNA transformation chamber and voilà! Your nerdy genes will be suppressed and you’ll become your very own suave alter-ego! Naturally, your Laura Winslow equivalent will realize that she prefers the real you to your Stefan equivalent, and you’ll live happily ever after. Yeah, the end of Family Matters got weird.

Eric & Donna, That ’70s Show

This couple popped up in the late ’90s and lasted through the ’00s, ruling the Forman basement with their stability and respectability. Indeed, they may have had several brief romantic stints with other characters, but Eric and Donna were one of those couples that could stand the test of TV time.

Tommy & Kimberly, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Last but not least, we have the ultimate power couple — a couple of Power Rangers. The Ranger romance between Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart mostly entailed making subtle eyes at one another when they weren’t too busy saving the planet, but that was enough to hint that these two clearly belonged together.