Take a Sneak Peek Inside Courtney Love’s NYC Townhouse


Recently, we found out that Courtney Love was facing eviction from her West Village townhouse “after she set it on fire and ‘ruined’ its designer décor” by painting and wallpapering the walls (the fire was a minor one caused by a candle). According to her landlord, Love is also $54,000 behind on the $324,000 annual rent. All this aside, or perhaps in part because of it, yesterday we were treated to a detailed romp through Courtney Love’s house courtesy of xoJane, whose editors have been using Love’s home as a “sort of Pop-Up office.” Lucky them! Love’s townhouse is full of cozy, lived-in glamour, and its cheerful blues and pinks mixed with dark hardwood and slightly sinister art make it seem a little bit like a deliciously ornate doomsday cake. All we can say is, we hope she gets to keep it. Click through to see a few of our favorite photos, then head over to xoJane for many more.

All photos by Peter Murdock.