Google Celebrates the Season with Snowy Easter Egg


Oh, Google. Every time we start to think you’re just a big, shiny, corporate machine, you find a way to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Case in point: as of yesterday, if you search “let it snow” on Google, the internet will grant your wish, and you’ll be treated to a special winter wonderland on your screen. Not only will it flurry with perfection, but you’ll be able to play the windshield game, and scratch your name (or, you know, your crush’s name) in the frost. This is only one in a number of humorous Easter eggs brought to us by Google, but we daresay it’s one of our favorites. So if the weather outside is frightful, but your fire is so delightful, and if it doesn’t show signs of stopping, but you’ve bought some corn for popping, well, the only thing left to do is let it snow.