Livestream a 168-Hour World Record DJ Set in Progress


If you’ve ever wondered if festival DJs manage to crank out six-hour or eight-hour sets without resorting to the use of, um, exotic stimulants, then spare a thought for Australian DJ Smokin’ Joe Mekhael, who is currently trying to break the world record for a non-stop DJ set. His target: to DJ for seven days straight without stopping. That’s a 168-hour DJ set, folks — and if Mekhael manages to get through it, he’ll have obliterated the previous world record (120 hours and nine minutes, held by one DJ King from Brazil). As of 10am ET, he’d been going for about 77 hours, and he’s streaming the entire marathon set over the web — so if you’re up for having a look at an increasingly disheveled Australian spinning tunes at any point over the next three days, then you can click here to see if he’s still conscious. And for the record, Mekhael insists he’s doing this without any pharmaceutical assistance at all.