MTV ‘True Life’ Upcoming Eps Promise More from the Unhinged Theriot Family


MTV’s Emmy-winning docu-drama True Life has gone to fat camp, lived in a brothel, had an eating disorder, and been pregnant over the span of nine seasons. The series will be returning later this month to share the struggles and life-changing issues of teens and young adults everywhere.

We’ll be seeing more of TV troublemakers the Theriot family and their special brand of dysfunctional nightmare for a part two follow-up to episode “The Riot in the Bayou,” which aired this February. You might remember them as the hell-raising clan that got up to all kinds of illegal and underage antics on camera. High school competitive wrestling, chubby chasers, diabetics, and demanding parents also go under the True Life microscope. In other words, it’s business like usual. Prepare to gawk on December 28 at 10 PM.